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Pharmaceutical Services

The pharmaceutical services team guides you through product development, process development, CMC, process engineering, and analytical development. As a result of our experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical landscape, we can assist our clients in getting their products to market effectively and making sure it’s done under the ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements.

Nutraceutical Services

Our team of nutraceutical experts are ready and able to take on any project, from product development to analytical development. Our goal is to get your product to market and keep it there, all while streamlining your processes and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Over-the-Counter Services

The development of over-the-counter products needs the right processes to be quality and compliant. Because of this, you may need a team of experts who have done it to get it right the first time instead of through trial and error. United Science has over a decade of experience and can safely get your product to the market while following all regulatory requirements.

Technology Platforms

United Science is a leading supplier of soft gels catering to the healthcare, over-the-counter, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our technology platforms encompass a diverse range of manufacturing and packaging methods for pharmaceutical products, allowing us to serve both liquid and solid dosage forms. Recognizing the pivotal role of bioavailability in enhancing a drug’s effectiveness, we at United Science offer bioavailable formulation services. These services, supported by proven techniques honed through years of experience, guarantee the optimal absorption of your products.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Botanical Substances

United Science offers bioavailable formulation services prioritizing drug effectiveness through proven techniques—our team tailors formulations for optimal absorption, specializing in various dose forms that enhance efficacy. With cGMP manufacturing capabilities, we ensure efficient processes and high-quality output from development to production. In extraction and isolation R&D, innovative solutions are provided for obtaining valuable chemicals from natural sources. Our advanced bioconversion tech turns biomass into profitable products.

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