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Edward Tufte reminds us that “Clutter and confusion are not attributes of data – they are shortcomings of design.”¬†Great scientific equipment design doesn’t start on the welding table, the accountant’s ledger or even with the engineer. It starts with knowledge and experience rooted in the science.

Separations equipment from United Science doesn’t just comply with this standard. It pushes it higher. Our equipment is designed by our own team and manufactured in the United States of America.


and Standards

Filtration Media and Equipment

Food Grade Filtration

Even though filtration saves lives every day, too often, we take it for granted. The clean water we drink from our faucets, the smooth operation of equipment critical for sustaining and protecting life, the fresh clean air that conservationists fight for every day: It is all due to innovation in filtration.

United Science focuses on food grade filtration products that improve product quality and don’t contaminate, like our filtration media Carbon X, and equipment that combines pharamceutical grade quality and manufacturing level throughput.

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