United Science will be launching new sensor and sorbent products at Pittcon.  Come visit us at  booth 3506 for free sample coupons and to discuss new applications.

Email Doug Fryer (dfryer@unitedsciencecorp.com)  to organise a meeting at the event

Click 2013 pittcon press release to view the  United Science press release.


Oral and Poster Presentations

Sunday March 17th, Room 119B
3:35 (210-8) Comparison of Carbon-Modified Silicas, Carbon-Clad Zirconia, and Porous Graphitic
Carbon for Use in High Performance Liquid Chromatography DWIGHT R STOLL,
Gustavus Adolphus College, Paul Young, Tuan Tran, Ian Gibbs-Hall, Doug Fryer, Jon
Monday March 18th, Room 42
10:15 a.m. (CO-1832) Manufactured Carbon Adsorbents for QuEChERS Cleanup
CONOR SMITH, United Science Corp.
Tuesday March 19th, Room 202A
2:40 (1350-3) Novel Carbon Materials for QuEChERS and Solid Phase Extraction
JONATHAN THOMPSON, United Science, Conor Smith, Dwight Stoll, Douglas Fryer
Wednesday March 20th, Room 123
4:25 (1940-5) A Developing Perspective on the Roles of Heartcutting, and Selective or Fully
Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography – Simulations and
Example Applications DWIGHT R STOLL, Gustavus Adolphus College, Elliot D Larson,
Eric M Talus, David C Harmes, Joe M Davis
Wednesday March 20th, Room 121A
3:55 (2020-6) Anion-Selective Electrodes Based on a Metalloporphyrin and Neutral Additives
Philippe Buhlmann, Universtity of Minnesota, Li Chen, United Science
Wednesday Room 204ABC
(1870-5)Detection of PFOA/S with Ion-Selective Electrodes
CHUNZE LAI, United Science, Li DChen, Philippe Buhlmann, Jon Thompson
(1870-10) Development of Fluorous Polymers as Self-Supported Plasticizer-Free Ion-Selective Electrode Membranes
JESSE L CAREY, University of Minnesota, Elizabeth C Lugert, Philippe Buhlmann
Thursday, March 21,  Room 204ABC
 (2740-15 P) Solid Contact Ion-Selective Electrodes (ISEs) Based on Redox Couples and Carbon Materials XU ZOU, University of Minnesota, Brandon Taitt, Jia H Cheong,
Philippe Buhlmann