CarbonX COA


Water-wettable. Chemical structure of carbon covering the surface of a porous alumina particle. Surface contains alumina endcapped with phosphate ion. pH Stable from 0-14 under typical SPE elution conditions.

Extraction of acid, bases, and neutrals from aqueous or organic matrix using Lewis Acid, polarphilic, hydrophobic, and hydrogen bond interactions. Highly mixed mode.

Particle Diameter: 30-60 micron Pore Diameter: 60 Angstroms Max Pressure: 5000 psi

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CarbonX brand QuEChERS, SPE, and dSPE Additives
Specifically engineered for pigmented samples with high lipid content.

  • Alumina Substrate
  • 12% Carbon
  • 80 angstrom pore diameter
  • Enhanced lipid and pigment sorption

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25 g, 50 g, 1000 g


30-63 micron, 63-200 micron