On-Line Sample Preparation Columns

Ideal for:

  • Lipid removal
  • Phospholipid removal
  • On-line desalting
  • Removal of pigments from sample
  • Sample pre-concentration
  • On-line QuEChERS

United Science recently developed a series of novel carbon modified porous silica materials for use in analytical and
preparative separations, and as solid-phase extraction media. The analytical materials exhibit unique characteristics scompared to other commercially available carbon phases as they are substantially more stable at high pressures andexhibit acceptable mass transfer characteristics. Users of carbon-based phases are aware that some compounds are very difficult to elute from existing commercial carbon-based materials. These new materials  address this problem through both the ability to adjust the carbon loading on the underlying substrate, and by using a relatively inert substrate.

Key Characteristics of CarbonX OLSP

  • Carbon Coated Type B Silica
  • 10% Carbon
  • Unique Selectivity for Isomers, Polarizable Analytes
  • High Mechanical Stability

Key Characteristics of United Science OLSP Product line

  • Wide variety of commodity sorbents: C18, PSA, NH2, COOH, SO3-, others upon request.
  • 2,3 micron particle diameters
  • 80 A pore diameter