Increase Your Extracts Bioavailability and Shelf Life

2X Bioavailability

Double the bioavailability of your extracts compared to leading nano-emulsions and other ineffective methods.

72% Less Degradation

Our patent-pending method resulted in a 71.59% reduction in degredation over 24 months in comparison to emulsions.

Diverse Applications

We deliver multiple dosage forms including ready to mix powders, ready to drink beverages, ready to eat, tablets, topicals, and more.


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UnitedScience is dedicated to partnering with businesses to craft innovative bioavailable products. Our commitment to excellence and pioneering bioavailable technology empowers our customers to thrive in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Our method offers scientifically proven, superior bioavailability compared to other methods, such as sunflower/ soy-based lecithins.

In September 2021 we commissioned a third
party independent In Vivo study to do a comparative formulation
study versus the current leading nano-emulsion process.


ONSET (blood concentration @ 3min)

  • 3x better than the leading nano-emulsion
  • 20x better than distillate-based tincture

ONSET & BIOAVAILABILITY (Time to maximum blood concentration / absorption)

  • 2x better than the leading nano-emulsion
  • 10x better than distillate-based tincture.

BIOAVAILABILITY (Maximum Total Blood Concentration)

  • 2x better than the leading nano-emulsion
  • 5x better than the distillate-based tincture.

Extend The Shelf Life of Your Extracts Significantly

Our study on degradation rates for Ready to Mix (RTM) formulations and the leading emulsion-based commercial product offering revealed a significant 71.59% reduction in degradation rates, providing reassurance on the effectiveness of our RTM formulations.

With emulsions, degradation between 20-40% within the first year at room temperature is expected. However, with our method, variables that reduce the potency of the formulation during processing and storage, such as temperature, air exposure, moisture, and UV light, affect our extracts significantly less than emulsions.


Ready to Mix Powder

Highly Effective water-soluble powders
perfect for coffee pods, tea bags, flavored juice powders, post-workout shakes, and ideal powders for DIY recipes.

Ready to Drink Beverages

We offer highly bioavailable, pre-formulated, and flavored beverages with a long shelf life.

ready to eat gummies

Ready to Eat

Our water-soluble, bioavailable, ready-to-eat formulations provide a more compelling user experience.



We offer pelletized formulations for one-a-day tablets and effervescent capsules for daily wellness. Additionally, we provide compressed formula pet products for ease of use and ingestion.

Pastes / Gels / Liquids

We offer both cream-based and water-based bioavailable applications for topicals and dermal patches. Additionally, we provide edible gel formats for anti-inflammatory toothpaste.

ready to mix liquid

Ready to Mix Liquids

Self-titrating formats: pre-mixed liquids that can add color and flavor to beverages. They can be used with existing beverages or those already infused.

Custom Formulation Services

Our custom formulation services offer flexibility in creating unique bioavailable formulations with your chosen ingredients.

Our team of R&D experts will take you on a product development journey, ensuring you get a final product that meets your specific needs and stands out in the market.

Get in contact with our business development team to discuss your requirements and share your vision.

Work with our team to determine whether our private label or custom formulation services align better with your business requirements.

Collaborate closely with our expert R&D team to develop bioavailable formulations that meet your exact specifications.

Welcome the arrival of exceptional bioavailable products that will make your brand shine in the market.